Blue Mountain Lodge accommodation


The H-shaped lodge houses three bedrooms each on its north and south wings. All bedrooms come with radiators, while all bathrooms have hot water. The building is centrally heated.
Blue Mountain Lodge can accommodate up to 12 guests in its six rooms:

  • > four double-occupancy rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • > two double-occupancy rooms with a common bathroom
The south-facing rooms look out to Blue Mountain.


As a short-term rental property, Blue Mountain Lodge is built to feel like a home, with facilities such as:

  • ● kitchen
  • ● dining area
  • ● office
  • ● lounge
  • ● outdoor deck
  • ● laundry area
  • ● disability-friendly walk-up and access ramp
  • ● disability-friendly car parking bay
  • ● kitchen
  • ● ample parking spaces

Special features

The owners envisaged Blue Mountain Lodge as a sustainable and eco-friendly home. Completed in December 2014 and opened in January 2015, the lodge achieves this purpose with modern as well as practical features, including:

  • ● solar panel system
  • ● water tank catchment system
  • ● bushfire-resistant technology
  • ● self-sustaining farm
Read more about the lodge’s special features at our Frequently Asked Questions.

The property

Blue Mountain Lodge sits on a 21-hectare (52-acre) farm at the foot of Blue Mountain, part of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. Located on the Granite Belt near the border between Queensland and New South Wales, the property boasts bushland, rock outcrops, a farm, and a paddock the size of a football field.
The property is a 10-minute car ride from Monticello® Estate orchard and winery, and a 10-minute bicycle ride from the town of Stanthorpe.